How Many Miles Per Week Should I Run?

How Many Miles Per Week Should I Run?

People run for many different reasons: to stay in shape, de-stress after a long day, nail a new race PR. Whatever your running goals, it’s important to put a little thought into how long and how often, you’re lacing up your sneakers each week. Even if you’re just running to enjoy sunny spring days, paying attention to how many miles per week you’re running can mean the difference between continuing your fun runs and winding up with an injury.

The amount you’re running depends on the level of expertise and on the goal for the runner. An experienced endurance runner can likely pound the pavement five or six days a week. Whereas a newbie will want to dial it back while they get their feet wet.

If You’re Gearing Up for a Half Marathon

When training for a half, it’s best to gradually increase your mileage over a 12- to 14-week period. Your goal for the ground to cover each week is 20 to 30 miles.

If You’re Training for a Marathon

Most marathon plans are about four months long. You’ll average about 30 to 40 miles per week.

If You’re Running to Cross-train or Lose Weight

It’s rather unfortunate for cardio lovers, but running by itself probably won’t help you shed pounds. In order to lose weight, you have to incorporate some kind of strength training to gain lean muscle, which helps you burn excess fat. Make the non-running workouts speedier to increase your calorie burn afterward and net the biggest effect on your waistline.

Good luck!

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